Kdekoli Lace Sign Art Installation


Textile Installation

Observations of Czech culture and their reaction to the Velvet Revolution informed this “misdirection” for tourists.

During the Communist invasion, Czech citizens replaced or tore down street signs and business names to confuse foreigners.

To reflect the reservation at trusting strangers as well as a playful sense of humor, a street sign is disguised with the word “kdekoli” which translates to “anywhere“. The text is made out of traditional Czech lace.

Final project of my study abroad experience in 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Kdekoli Lace Sign Art Installation

Cubist Block Print

Textile Design

Indigo dyed linen with wax resist stamped in a repeated pattern influenced by the Cubist architecture in Prague.

Stamp designed, carved and printed by GF in 2012 while studying in Prague – many thanks to our gracious professor Lucie who indigo dyed these beautiful textiles for our class.

Czech Indigo Dye Block Print