a human behind a machine

garnet (nettie) fisher

My name is Garnet (my great grandmother’s name was Garnet) but you can call me Nettie. I use she/they pronouns. I live in Asheville, NC on ᏣᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ / Cherokee land about twenty minutes from the house I grew up in.

I went to school at NC State for graphic design. I will geek tf out with you about visual symbolism. I’m interested in effective communication and emergent strategy. I’m fascinated by the way ideas move through people and how experience is encoded into instinct. I enjoy talking with people who are interested in breaking down barriers and norms within their industry.

You could probably call me an artist and I wouldn’t correct you, but most of the time I don’t really identify that way. The art world is weird, you know? Sometimes I paint and sometimes I trade my paintings for money. Sometimes I will paint on your walls if you want me to.

I’m a designer and a nerd. In middle school, I taught myself HTML + CSS making xanga blog themes and now I design brands, websites, and experiences for all different kinds of people and organizations. I’ve worked with agencies and as a freelancer, helping launch dozens of products in different industries. I’ve been a project manager and a producer, and have directed everything from UI/UX strategy to music videos.

Most recently, I’ve been putting in sweat equity as a co-creator and operations advisor of Different Wrld, helping to engage our vision of a creative venue here in my hometown of Asheville.

I love to take on projects so if you need a designer, new art for your walls, or just want someone to give a fresh perspective on your vision, send me an email or dm. I promise there’s a real human behind the machine.

photos by Charlie Boss + Zoë Symon


Creative Direction + Brand Strategy + Logo Design

Graphic Design + ILLUSTRATION

Web Design + UI / UX

Print + Packaging Design

Project Management + Event Production

Marketing + Social Media

Photography + Film

Copywriting + Content Strategy

sometimes i paint

past exhibitions

GIVE YOUR FRIENDS FLOWERS // Harvest Records in Asheville, NC / December 2022

LIFE IN STILL // Outpost Gallery in Marshall, NC / November 2019

SQUIGGLE VISION // Harvest Records in Asheville, NC / March 2019

DEEPER STUDIES // Golden Hour Collective in Marshall, NC / February 2019

KNOWN NOTION // Old North in Asheville, NC / September 2018

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